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Sites containing high-quality images in addition to their relevant content get 94% more views than those that are purely text-based. That figure alone should be enough to make adding images to your site a top priority, but if you need more incentive, sites that contain no images will receive an average of 45% more views than before after adding them. Essentially, high-quality photography supplies you with more visits by increasing the quality of your user engagement.
So images will attract more visitors to your site. That much is clear. What’s more is that your site’s increased user engagement will result in longer visit times for users, allowing you more time to sell your product through both the content and the images. Remember that your images help to tell the story of your facility and the services it offers by providing easy-to-scan information. Utilizing this form of visual communication will build credibility and recognition in your brand.
High-quality images will convert your leads by:
Garnering more views to your site, which means more chances to convert.
Increasing user engagement, which means users spend more time on your site.
Decreasing bounce rate, which means more traffic and higher rankings.
Forming a link between customer and company, which means users are more likely to choose your services.